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NuVet offers a money-back guarantee if any customer is not 
happy with the results received from using NuVet Plus or 
NuJoint Plus.
Click on any "NuVet Products" below to find out more about 
the products and/or order.
90 wafers, NuVet Plus Vitamin Suppliment for dogs.  Dosage: 1 wafer per day for dogs 5 lbs and over.  1/2 wafer if under 5 lbs. Order NuVet Products
NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement for Cats in granular form. Order NuVet Products
NuJoint Plus - Anti-inflammatory hip & joint therapy for dogs - 180 wafers. Dosage: Up to 10 lbs=1/2 tablet; 10-24 lbs=1 tablet; 25-49 lbs=2 tablets; 50-100 lbs=3 tablets; over 100 lbs=4 tablets. Order NuVet Products
NuVet Plus "Finicky Dog Formula" 90 servings. Same ingredients as NuVet wafers; double the 100% natural chicken liver to increase palatability. Can be used on wet or dry food. Order NuVet Products

NuVet Labs™ proudly pledges to donate 5% of its net income to 
charities, scientists, veterinarians and other individuals and 
organizations whose goal is to work for the improvement and well 
being of the animal population. We are extremely excited about 
the positive contributions we are making in helping our friends 
in the animal kingdom.

NuVet also carries a wide selection of dog and cat supplies.
After clicking on the New E-Store, just choose from the drop down 
menu of featured products.

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